About Us


As a property development company, Trivenc specialises in turnkey property solutions, specifically in the residential market. With a reputable background in sourcing prime land opportunities in areas earmarked for future growth (both residential and commercial), Trivenc is able to conceptualize the correct development type within the correct areas. Once a land opportunity has been identified, Trivenc manages the process from rezoning the land, through to the town-planning requirements and process. This is followed by marketing and sales, which allows individuals to purchase property off-plan, ensuring huge cost saving benefits on their investment. Lastly, Trivenc ensures that the construction of any development is of a high standard. Having completed numerous sectional title developments in South Africa, Trivenc prides itself on providing quality modern homes that are affordable. With our team of experienced professionals, Trivenc is not only able to manage all aspects of the development process, ensuring that the Trivenc quality is maintained, but is also able to provide support and assistance throughout the purchasing process. Since 2001, Trivenc has completed numerous sectional title developments, providing in excess of 1100 homes for South African families. Trivenc believes in creating quality homes that serve both as an investment and a space where families can live the modern-day suburban lifestyle.