The Benefits Of Buying ‘Off Plan’

Buying your first home can be oh-so-overwhelming. From trying to figure out your finance; to choosing the ‘right’ home; to wondering if in the long-term you’ve made a good investment. The notion still stands that it is more practical to pay your own bond repayments and own your own unit, than it is to rent.

So, weighing all these options what is the next step?

A simple way to save money and buy a brand new property is this: buy off plan. It may sound odd (because we know that you want to look and touch) but buying off-plan has a list of benefits.

1. Due to being a first-time home owner, coupled with great pricing, you won’t have to pay transfer duties on your property.
2. Buying off plan means that there aren’t any bond registration fees.
3. You are able to pick the positioning of your unit(s) – as you are not limited by what’s standing available.
4. You get a BRAND NEW property – no one has lived in it before you. These benefits outweigh any hesitation one may have. At Trivenc, we have
managed to ease the transition for many first-time buyers who have chosen to buy off plan, and their units were executed beautifully.

You can have a look at our latest offering, where you can experience these same benefits by purchasing off-plan, at Waterside:
Positioned in a tranquil setting, Waterside offers an easily accessible outdoor lifestyle coupled with luxurious, modern living. Contact 0861TRIVEN for more information around waterside.

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